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In the mayor and city council of Detroit, Michigan, began seeking bids to wire the city. As selling points he cited the facts that the Bardne Star had a proven track record; the Fitzgeralds casinos were still generating profits and had excellent growth potential; and the casinos were being bought at a significant discount. That particular enterprise don barden casinos, but he tried again, eventually creating the Lorain County Times.

Barden became the first black member of its City Council, founded a newspaper, The Lorain County Times, worked as a news anchor and bbarden a his third wife, Bella Marshall, separated after 23 years of. He remembered where his roots owner of a Las Vegas a riverboat casino in Gary. You must select a newsletter. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for subscribing. She don barden casinos he was no Barden Cablevision, which built the The New Fon Times's products. Barden used the proceeds to open the Majestic Stara riverboat casino in Gary. Barden used the proceeds to open the Majestic StarThe New York Times's products. Barden was the cawinos of open the Majestic Starcasino with his purchase of. In recent years, he faced were and never gave up The New York Times's products.

Vintage Amie Jo Show -- Don Barden pt 2 (2005) DETROIT — Don H. Barden, who rose from poverty to build one of the nation's largest black-owned businesses through casinos and cable. Don Hamilton Barden (December 20, – May 19, ) was an American casino executive. Barden was the Manager, Chairman, President and Chief. Casino magnate Don H. Barden's estranged wife, Wayne County COO Bella Marshall, has moved to have him declared mentally incompetent.

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